Do you use any other color ink?

Unfortunately I dont. I base my work on the hobby of autographed baseballs. Blue is known to last the longest. Also if it were to ever fade, it will slowly fade to a lighter blue. Unlike other colors.

Do you use a sealant or clear coat?

Yes. Except on autographed baseballs. I will email the customer to make sure it is ok to spray on my Art only. Same with a ball that's asked to leave the Sweet Spot blank for an autograph, I wont spray that section.

Do you draw on any other baseballs? eg: black baseballs

No. Unfortunately that's a totally different medium.

Do you accept rush orders?

Yes, for an extra fee you can get your order before the estimated wait time. Price varies on how soon you need it and how many orders ahead of you. To do so send an email to

Do you draw on softballs or any other sports balls?

No. I have tried softballs and the material is a hybrid of leather and plastic. The ink didnt hold. And the clear coat just made it very sticky. As for other balls, no, it would be a whole diffferent medium.